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Based on "For Kawabe Ichiko", which won the Best Screenplay Award 2015 and was also the inaugural performance of a theater company led by director Akihiro Toda. The popular stage play, which was performed again with great support from the audience, has been made into a movie. The film depicts the spectacular life of Ichiko, who was tossed about by circumstances she could not resist.

Lucy's Trick
Lucy's Trick

Can they rescue three beautiful women and escape within an hour in a virtual game? This is the Internet cinema by Broadband Tower, Inc. that casts Ami Tokito, a famous idol with glasses, Miss Campus and Mr. Campus.


The subtropical mountain village of Kaili is shrouded in mist and humidity. Chen, a town doctor who lives in the village like a ghost, follows his journey of love, loss, and repentance. A shocking debut film by Bee Gun, the director of "Long Day's Journey".


After a strong earthquake, a group of men risk their lives to repair a leaking bolt in a damaged nuclear power plant. Even long after the incident, one of the man is still struggling to find peace.

To Sleep So As To Dream

An aging silent film actress hires a private detective to track down her missing daughter. Following a succession of bizarre, obscure clues, they track down the location of the kidnappers.


After a traumatizing experience, Lina quits her work and becomes a therapist. She fully grasps the meaning of her job after meeting a new patient, a traumatized baseball player.

Long Day's Journey Into Night

A man went back to Guizhou, found the tracks of a mysterious woman. He recalls the summer he spent with her twenty years ago.

Five Angels

Led by 5 female character, this drama is about a police special task force fighting criminal organizations in Taiwan.

neko the movie
Neko The Movie

A documentary film about how the comedian Neko Hiroshi left Japan and became a citizen of Cambodia to fulfill his dream: run a marathon in the Olympics. 

Am I a Hero Or A Villain?

Willing to distance herself from Tokyo, Kana returns to her home town in Okinawa. He best friend will convince her to help a local project of a castle renovation.

Destruction Babies

In the town of Matsuyama, a young man leaves home to go on an endless rampage. His brother starts looking for him but will get caught in a spiral of violence.

Riding The Breeze

A Japanese woman is sent to Taiwan to write a story. She starts a tumultuous bicycle trip through the country with her guide, a young Taiwanese girl.


Goemon leaves his clan after its chief is murdered to become a thief and help the poor. But after learning the identity of his leader's killer, he sets out on a bloody path of vengeance.


A genius code breaker detective flies to China to resolve a mysterious enigma. But saving a beautiful singer will jeopardize his investigation.

All Around Us

A courtroom artist struggles to give his wife the supports she needs after a miscarriage. Their story is punctuated by real trials that occurred in the 90's.


A young writer is sent to a summer house near the sea to focus on his writing work. There, a mysterious woman will become her muse...

Cain and Abel

From the 5 Detective Office series. While investigating a phone fraud, detective 511 comes across Shu, a childhood friend. Is he related with this affair?

Dolphin Blue: Soar Again, Fuji

Fuji the dolphin suffers from a tail fin necrosis. Thanks to an artificial prothesis, she will be able to swim again.

Listen To My Heart

A radio DJ, Mao starts a new program called, "Love Letters from the Drawer" to assist people who need an extra push to send out simple yet important message to their loved ones.


After the end of the Second World War, a village specialized into making japanese traditional paper starts printing fake money.

Wandering Home

After a near death experience, an alcoholic enters rehab. His ex-wife and children will support him, but he will face a new challenge. 

Detective Office 5 (Series)

An agency in which detectives are designed as number beginning with 5. Some of them even seem to have strange powers.


A pregnant woman arrives on an island after getting off a bus by mistake. Only inhabited by elderly people and a single young woman, this island seems to hide a mystery.

The Matsugane Potshot Affair

A woman left for dead after a hit and run accident comes back to threaten the driver. He takes her and her husband to a frozen lake where gold bars are supposed to be hidden.

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